Building a new category of construction tech.

If you’re excited by the idea of transforming legacy industries, you daydream about interesting ways to apply AI to empower people to make better decisions, and you enjoy solving customer problems with elegant product design, then Gryps is the place for you. Our small but powerful team is growing and we’re looking for the best minds in software engineering, machine learning and AI to help bring the full Gryps vision to life.

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The story so far.

We founded Gryps after gathering 20 years of experience working in developing and implementing technology applications for owners, construction managers and contractors on the largest projects in New York. Gryps will transform decision-making and empower everyone to be better construction managers.
Founders Meet
We (Dareen & Amir) met while working at a construction management firm in New York City. We challenged and complemented each other, and had fun innovating in our industry. We dreamed of advancing the industry using technology, for young talent to grow into project managers empowered by data, for executives to have access to data at their fingertips, for directors to make data driven decisions and for enterprise construction technology to be easy to adopt.
We worked together on strategic technology initiatives for large owners in New York City. Together we worked on airports, hospitals, residential towers, commercial developments, and public infrastructure. We successfully implemented both commercially available applications and developed our own software.
Founding Gryps
One thing became apparent and was always top of mind, the industry is ready and needs artificial intelligence that helps process the volume of data generated and it must be easy to adopt for users. We started Gryps to provide an amazing product with the best user experience, and to create an environment where young professionals in construction can grow and find a fulfilling career.
We partnered with top investors and amazing advisors in New York City and Silicon Valley to support us in our mission.

Meet the team behind Gryps

Sophia Aranda

Operations Coordinator

Matt Diesner

Director of Sales

Colin Hofer

Solutions Engineer

Sudin Shakya

Sr. Platform Engineer

Kyle Milden

Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead

Matthew Bauer

Sr. Recruiter

Pooya Adami

Data Scientist

Varun Agrawal

Software Engineer

Alyssa Roach

Software Engineer

Mateo Leon

Data Analyst

Ben Bradfield

Full Stack Engineer

Dareen Salama

Co-founder & CEO

Amir Tasbihi

Co-founder & CTO

Matthew Voss

Principal Software Engineer

Innovative owners are using Gryps to manage their data and digitize their process.

"Gryps is the game-changing solution we have always dreamed of and it is built by construction industry veterans! Our $200m of construction budget across 200 annual projects at Mount Sinai is now more efficient and effective. Instead of hours of tedious manual work, we automatically get all the data as well as actionable insights in one place. We are not going back to disconnected information silos!"

Loida Ramos
Vice President
Planning, Design and Construction, @Mount Sinai Health System

"Gryps is the superpower we need to digitize our construction process. Typically we handle data manually from silos and different systems to manage our projects. For a $150m project we needed an automated and efficient solution. Gryps is like magic, it automatically collects data from our architects, contractors and government systems for us to access in one place at any time."

Charley Adams
Sr. Project Manager
Specialty Management Company
@Hospital for Special Surgery

"Getting project information has always been a daunting task. Design firms, contractors and subcontractors usually have documents stored on several platforms, and the filing structures have many complexities making organizing and sharing such documents a time consuming process. Owners need to receive all data and documents related to any project in an organized digital platform that ensures access to data for future planning, training, and scheduling. Gryps assists in capturing, retrieving, securing and sharing project related information in an easy to navigate dashboard."

Ken Sanchez
Sr VP and Chief Sustainability Officer
Capital Planning and Facilities Management
@Jacob K. Javits Center

We are trusted and supported by the best investors and advisors.

Jason Shuman

Primary Venture Partners

Evan Nisselson

LDV Capital

Mar Hershenson

Pear VC

Jeff Bussgang

Graduate Syndicate

Jon Antevy


Ron Antevy


Lars Albright


Natalie Diggins


Di-Ann Eisnor


Ralph Folz


Norbert Young


Case Study: Javits Center

Gryps connects data silos from DOBNow, Procore & e-Builder to provide the owner project managers with a single system to access information
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Customers are thrilled with the results we achieved.

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