Easily access your construction data
in one place

Gryps automatically aggregates your data and provides advanced analytics to help you be more effective and reduce manual work when managing capital projects.

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Automatically collect data on your construction projects

Your data is scattered across:‍


Enterprise and financial systems (Oracle, Strata, SAP)


Contractor systems (e.g. Procore, Plangrid, Fieldwire)


Architect systems (e.g. NewForma)


Government agency portals (Department of Buildings, Department of Transportation, Department of Health).
With Gryps, your construction data and documents are all in one place. No need for manual data entry. It's like magic!

Take back your time and focus on strategic tasks.
Gryps Available Connections
Don't see the system you are using?
Gryps Available Connections
Don't see the system you are using?

Gryps will help you

Reduce manual work
Stay up to date across different construction projects with less to no manual work.
Access data in one place
Have all your data and documents automatically organized and quickly accessible in one system.
Customize reports and dashboards
Have updated reports and dashboards one click away.
Advanced analytics
Leverage the most advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms.
Why Gryps?


Connect software you already use and get instant access to dashboards!


Advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to help you.


No IT infrastructure, no consultants, no custom-built software, no manual data transfers.


Connect to information systems used by your internal team, contractors, architects and more.


Create your own or customize one of our out-of-the-box dashboards to track budgets, costs, contingency and other metrics that matter!


Built on the most secure global infrastructure.

Innovative owners are using Gryps to manage their data and digitize their process.

"Gryps is the game-changing solution we have always dreamed of and it is built by construction industry veterans! Our $200m of construction budget across 200 annual projects at Mount Sinai is now more efficient and effective. Instead of hours of tedious manual work, we automatically get all the data as well as actionable insights in one place. We are not going back to disconnected information silos!"

Loida Ramos
Vice President
Planning, Design and Construction, @Mount Sinai Health System

"Gryps is the superpower we need to digitize our construction process. Typically we handle data manually from silos and different systems to manage our projects. For a $150m project we needed an automated and efficient solution. Gryps is like magic, it automatically collects data from our architects, contractors and government systems for us to access in one place at any time."

Charley Adams
Sr. Project Manager
Specialty Management Company
@Hospital for Special Surgery

"Getting project information has always been a daunting task. Design firms, contractors and subcontractors usually have documents stored on several platforms, and the filing structures have many complexities making organizing and sharing such documents a time consuming process. Owners need to receive all data and documents related to any project in an organized digital platform that ensures access to data for future planning, training, and scheduling. Gryps assists in capturing, retrieving, securing and sharing project related information in an easy to navigate dashboard."

Ken Sanchez
Sr VP and Chief Sustainability Officer
Capital Planning and Facilities Management
@Jacob K. Javits Center
"Gryps helps us collect data from different sources including e-Builder which we use widely at the system. The dashboards give us fast access to our information, and allows us to report on our projects efficiently."
manager, Mount Sinai
"Gryps is like magic, I log into my dashboard everyday and find the information updated coming from emails, NewForma, Fieldwire, DOBNow, and other systems"
Cassy Hodge, developer
"Getting project information has always been a daunting task. With Gryps, I know I'm receiving all documents related to the project in an organized structure that's easy to search and retrieve. I will use Gryps as my information retrieval solution tool on every project from now on.”
hank simpson, developer

Gryps is the best place for your data because it’s

Thanks to dashboards and analytics for capital project or portfolio information.
Created by Industry Experts
We understand your workflows and processes. Connections and dashboards are pre-built following industry best practices.
No manual data input required. Just authorize Gryps to connect to your systems. Log in and access your data.
With other platforms used by owners, architects and contractors.
It’s built on the most secure global infrastructure. All data is automatically encrypted at the physical layer.
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Can't keep track of the different systems and data everywhere?

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