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for the construction industry

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Why Gryps?

Are you managing multiple construction projects? Are your documents stored in different systems? Do you waste time logging into systems to find information and does it get worse when you are trying to close out a project?

Would you like to spend less time on closeout?

You need Gryps. We automate document management so you can spend more time doing what matters, whether that’s designing, constructing, or project managing.

OPERATIONAL project closeout

Faster handover to your facilities team

Every project manager wants to start closeout on day one. Gryps makes that possible.

  • We automatically collect your O&M manuals, warranty certificates, as-built documents, and other close-out documentation from different systems.
  • We apply machine learning to categorize documents and label them correctly.
  • You simply log in to Gryps to find all your closeout documents.
FINANCIAL Project Closeout

Faster access for your financial team

We understand that closeout includes a lot of financial documents. Unfortunately, these documents are scattered across your project management system, email, and other tools.

  • We collect the approved documents and automatically categorize your contracts, change orders, invoices, and lien waivers.
  • We make sure the right people have access to the right documents at the right time to complete your financial closeout and be ready for audit at any time.
*Coming Soon* Knowledge Database

Power to the Project Manager

You have a tremendous amount of institutional knowledge. Imagine every project manager able to access that information. Whether they just joined your organization or have been around for a long time, knowledge transfer across the team is always hard. Powered with the right information, project managers can make faster decisions and impact project budget and schedule.

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