How do we do it?

The future is autonomous, we are helping accelerate it ...

Our Digital Robots connect to any software even. They help us solve the interoperability challenge.

Our Machine Learning models automatically understand documents at scale. Why spend hours categorizing documents?

Our Orchestration layer coordinates all actions and adds Human in the Loop to achieve our customer's mission.

Connect anything

Gryps Connectivity Platform uses APIs as well as Digital Robots (our proprietary Robotic Process Automation based system) to enable you to connect to any application and liberate your documents and data.

This technology enables owners to collect their documents and data from any system used on their projects, as long as they have access to it.

Google Drive
Outlook Email

Add automated insights

Construction is document-centric. Using our Machine Learning algorithms, you are able to automatically organize your documents and extract relevant information.

Data is messy. We use Machine Learning based automation to help organize it.

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Document Understanding

Access your information

Your data is not useful if you can't access it. We are creating the easiest way to find information so you can focus on changing the built world.

Using Gryps Deliver, find the information you need, when you need it. Access your information and get insights, all in one place. We do our best to provide the most convenient ways to access enriched information, that could be our platform or your own.

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